1st Year, Event, Ficlet, Fluff, MonstaX FF Indonesia, PG-13

[One Year With…] Could it be

24. Rui - Could it be...

Ld it beTitle: Could It Be…

Pen Name: rui

Casts:  Wonho & Sohyung (OC)

Genre: Fluff

Length: 528 Words

Rating: 13+


It’s already 9 PM when Sohyung hears someone pressed the door bell of her studio apartment. The girl wonders who might be her guest because as she recalls, she doesn’t expect anyone tonight.

“Hi Sohyung, can I come in?”

A decent looking guy appears in her guest monitor, smiling widely showing his very neat set of teeth. Sohyung can’t help but smiling too when she sees him.

It’s the one and only Wonho.

“Sure, come on in”, Sohyung opens the door to let Wonho in, “So tell me, what brings you here?”

Wonho chuckles, “It’s already my ninth times coming here on the past 3 weeks and you still ask me the same thing each time I came?”

“Just in case you have any other reason beside coming for food”, Sohyung giggles.

Wonho and Sohyung live in the same apartment building, Wonho with his 6 friends -members of a boygroup called MONSTA X- on the 505 and Sohyung on the 305.

“So I’ve finished my dance practice early with the guys…”


“And they ordered jajangmyun for dinner, you know I don’t like jajangmyun right? So I came here to eat something else…”

Sohyung grabs her phone, ready to make a delivery order on their favorite fried chicken restaurant as they usually do but Wonho refuses.

“I don’t feel like I wanna eat fried chicken right now, let’s just eat ramyun”

“I ate ramyun before you came just now, I’ll make another one only for you”

“Call! Make it quick okay”

“Okaaay, you can sit on the table while waiting for me making it”


Ten minutes later…


Sohyung sits next to Wonho and watches him eating up the ramyun.

“So how is it, Wonho-ssi?”.

Sohyung wasn’t really confident in making ramyun for someone else, she always make ramyun to eat it herself.

“This is the best ramyun I’ve ever tasted”, Wonho literally grins from ear to ear.

“Eiiiy no waaay”, Sohyung chuckles and punchs his arm lightly.

“I really really really really like it, I’ll definitely come here over and over again just to eat your ramyun”.

“You can’t be serious Wonho-ssi” , Sohyung laughs, thinking that Wonho is only kidding.

Then Wonho stares at Sohyung, “You know what, we knew each other long enough and close enough, you should stop calling me Wonho-ssi, from now on please call me oppa okay?”.

“Mwo?”, Sohyung asks in confusion, but Wonho doesn’t even give her an answer. He just smiles and pats her head gently. The next minute, before Sohyung can process what is exactly happening, Wonho gets up from the chair and walks to the front door.

“I’m full already so I’ll go home now”.

Sohyung is still in complete confusion but she follows Wonho walking to front door anyway.

“Hold a second, I forgot something…”

Wonho stops halfway and walks back towards Sohyung, casually hold her shoulders and peck her right cheek.

“Catch you later, Sohyungie”, he grins and getting away out of Sohyung’s place, leaving her freezing, blushed and getting even more confused.

“Could it possibly be…”







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